Saturday, December 14, 2013

Canada: the new "Right Wing Hellhole"

From the Guardian:

What was once Canada the cool, the country a 1991 Economist cover story called the "post-modern nation-state", has now devolved into a rightwing hellhole.
In a few more choice tidbits from the article:

  • Conrad Black is referred to as "ex-con Conrad Black"
  •  The author bemoans the fact that the long gun registry was repealed.  It apparently doesn't matter whether something works, just whether victim groups support it.  The author provides no evidence that the registry ever actually solved a crime or prevented a murder.
  • Stephen Harper is classified as "hard right", which I find amusing
  • He points out that the Conservatives only won 39% of the vote in creating their majority and refers to Liberal and NDP voters as "the sane vote".  Of course he fails to mention that this is typical of parliamentary systems, where numerous parties run and win local elections, and that the Liberal party (representing the "sane" vote) formed their majority in 2000 with 40% of the vote and in 2003 with 36% of the vote.
Oh well, we've long ago stopped expecting rational discourse from the left.

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