Saturday, December 7, 2013

Power companies hate this

I hate the recent spate of pop up ads which start with that title.

I hate even more the latest series of ads which promise that they've found a "weird trick" for everything from weight loss to increasing your social security payments.

However, Brigid at Home on the Range has produced a wonderful parody in honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.


Southern Man said...

Yes, the "weird trick" spam does seem to be thickening.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. We have a little in common; my doctorate is in nuclear physics and I came within a whisker of joining the Navy's nuke program, way back in the day. And (for the first time ever) I'll be teaching a high school science course next spring as part of my college's concurrent-enrollment program. Also shopping for my first bike but it'll probably be Jap metal, not a Harley. I may be back for advice, on both the bike and dealing with high schoolers!

heresolong said...

Just remember, high school kids do not want to be there. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Nothing wrong with Japanese. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

Rick Usack said...

I suggest if you feel you will be settling on "Jap Metal" then why bother? I mean really? Just go get a Harley, even an old clapped out one, you'll be much happier.

heresolong said...

Happy is relative, Rick. The biggest problem with old clapped out HD is that you will spend more time working on it than riding, you will annoy your friends when you routinely break down during rides and they have to either wait for you to do roadside repairs or go fetch a truck for you, and you will have to deal with rotted aluminum and worn out parts constantly. I am a Harley mechanic with my own little shop and I don't work on shovelheads anymore. Not because they aren't nice bikes but partly because my shop is booked solid with newer bikes, and partly because you can't do something simple like change a tire without having to helicoil bolt holes. You end up spending hours on the simplest tasks repairing stuff that has been allowed to decay for forty years. Then you have to charge the customer a lot of money for what would have been a simple repair on any newer bike.

The reality is that if you want to do a lot of riding you should buy a new bike and whatever brand you can afford. If you want to have a cool old bike, you should buy an old Harley, a full set of tools, and a shop manual, then plan on spending your free time in the shop tinkering. Nothing wrong with that choice, but it depends what you are buying a bike for.

Thanks for stopping by.