Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Great Cinnamon Rebellion

It's like the Danish are channeling Americans.

Ever mentioned the age of some iconic American ... um ... icon to a European?  Things that are 200 years old are really old to us,but considered brand new in Europe.

Apparently the Danish have been making Danishes for about 200 years, but their government has just ruled that Danishes aren't traditional Danish food.

Why you ask?  Well, they want to regulate the amount of cinnamon.

Yes, cinnamon is bad for you.  I know, it used to be good for you, but now it's bad for you.  For now.  Maybe later it will be good for you again.  Who knows.  But for now...

Where was I?

Oh yeah.  Cinnamon is now bad for you.  So they are restricting the amount of cinnamon you can put in a Danish.  In Denmark.  Unless it is a traditional food, which it isn't.  In which case the restriction would have allowed you to put in higher amounts.  It's just confusing but the bottom line is that the government is deciding how much cinnamon can go in a pastry.  Seriously.

Yet I argue with people on a semi-regular basis about the danger of allowing the government to regulate too many things.  People who don't see the problem with allowing some bureaucrat to make each and every little decision instead of leaving it up to the individual.

Apparently Danes are too stupid to decide how much cinnamon they want to eat and need government regulation.  Even if it means that Danishes don't taste as good.  Mayor Bloomberg would be proud.

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