Thursday, January 2, 2014

An anecdotal Obamacare story

My sister Alice had good health care for her six year old son.  It had about a $2500 deductible, $20 copays, and provided her with six free "Wellness" visits each year to make sure that he stayed healthy and got regular checkups.

Cancelled.  Didn't meet the minimum requirements under the Affordable Care Act.  Her cheapest option now has a $5000 annual deductible, $50 copays, and no free visits.  It is a little cheaper each month but not enough to offset the increased expenses.

So what does a single mom with limited income do?  She has no idea.  She needs to have health insurance for her son, she had health insurance for her son that she was happy with, and she can't afford the new options.  Unless she signs up for Medicaid she really has no options and she doesn't want to do that.  She values her independence and isn't interested in being on the government dole.

Is there any chance that one of the intents of the program's authors was to force people onto government insurance or is this just an unintended side effect?  A person who is skeptical of government programs might conclude the former.  After all, if the government has more people on their programs, they need more bureaucrats to run those programs and a larger budget to pay for them, and a higher paid manager to be in charge of the larger budget and workforce.

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