Thursday, January 2, 2014

What had you done by age 30?

Amy is 30 years old.  She is freaked out by the prospect of getting a job.  She is thinking about getting a PhD because she doesn't know what to do or how to run her own life.

The author of the Slate describes the problem this way:
The era of instant gratification has led to a decrease in what therapists call “frustration tolerance.” This is how we handle upsetting situations, allow for ambiguity, and learn to navigate the normal life circumstances of breakups, bad grades, and layoffs. When we lack frustration tolerance, moderate sadness may lead to suicidality in the self-soothingly challenged.

By age thirty, I had graduated from the U.S. Navy boot camp and Class A school, earned a college degree in Aerospace Engineering, served a five year stint as a nuclear engineering officer with the same Navy, and met my wife while working as a warehouse manager for a plumbing distribution company.

What had you done by age 30 and if you have kids, how are you preparing them to go out and deal with adult problems on their own?

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