Monday, January 20, 2014

New York, New York

So Michael Bloomberg, in an effort to discredit firearms owners, sends his special investigators to other states to attempt to buy illegal firearms.  Of course they succeed.  Humanity being far from perfect if you want to do something illegal you can probably find someone to help you.  This is trumpeted as evidence that there is a serious firearms problem in America that needs to be dealt with through increased regulation at the federal and state level. Never mind that there are over 23,000 regulations related to firearms in this country.

What was not mentioned was that the investigators broke numerous federal laws conducting their sting operations, none of which they had any legal authority to do.  They were not prosecuted and it wasn't mentioned in any of the news stories that I saw.  It also cost the New York City taxpayers about $1.5 million.  New York Daily News

So in related news, recently the New York City Office of Investigations looked into voter fraud.  They went around to sixty three polling places in New York City and tried to get ballots under assumed names, people who had died or moved out of town.  They then cast the ballots by writing in a false name under the "Write In" portion.  97% of the time (61 times) they were allowed to vote.  They did not affect the outcome of any election as they did not fill in the ballots for any real candidates.  Keep in mind that it is their job to act as the official watchdog organization for the state of New York.

The Board of Elections for NYC wants them prosecuted for voter fraud.

Meanwhile leftist groups like the ACLU claim that voter ID requirements are designed to disenfranchise minority voters and argue with a straight face that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would require any changes to how we vote.  Their Voter ID "Fact Sheet" is full of misrepresentations of fact and claims just this.

ACLU Voter ID "Fact Sheet"

Maybe they should be talking to the NYCDOI.


newrebeluniv said...

I saw a similar thing a few years ago when Bloomburg sent his goons to Arizona to buy a gun at a gun show. The buyer was a valid AZ resident and was legally permitted to buy and possess a gun in that state and he kept the gun for himself after buying it.

So, this example of "lax gun standards" was actually an example of free commerce where no laws were broken. Thus, the buyer didn't need to be prosecuted by the AZ AG.

heresolong said...

Which makes you wonder what the point was of the Arizona "sting"? The buyers on the east coast were specifically (and successfully) attempting to buy guns illegally.

newrebeluniv said...

I often wonder why such people in the anti-private gun ownership crowd are never prosecuted when they are obviously and publicly violating laws "just to show how weak the law is". If I were law enforcement, I would certainly go after them.

heresolong said...

My suspicion is that they are a part of the club. They are generally another branch of the same government. The same reason cops don't get speeding tickets.