Thursday, March 13, 2014

Down goes the individual mandate (more ACA/Obamacare news)

(Author's note: Retitled this as it occurred to me that more people need to know about this)

Obamacare.  The Affordable Care Act.  Sure glad we got that.  To paraphrase my Canadian friends "It's about damn time you guys got proper health care".  Never mind that many of us had perfectly good health care at prices we could afford and that millions of us  have already lost that care thanks to the new law because it "wasn't good enough" for the President and his minions.  Never mind that costs are going through the roof for millions more of us because  ... well, because.  Never mind that the President has granted waivers to big donors making a mockery of equal protection, or that Congress and the President are exempted from the worst parts of the law, or that the President is illegally subsidizing the new health care plans for Congressional staffers.  Never mind that the President has illegally and unilaterally delayed big chunks of the bill until after the next election in a cynical bid to keep Democrats in office.

In an unheralded, nay unannounced move, the Department of Health and Human Services (also known as the Department in Charge of Making People Buy Healthcare They Don't Want at Prices They Can't Afford (DCMPBHTDWPTCA) has issued a new ruling.

1) You can just not get health care and buy a catastrophic coverage policy which is quite cheap  Policy cancellation options

2) You can just not get insurance.  Look at option 19 on this hardship exemption form  Hardship exemption form

So if you've had your perfectly good health insurance cancelled and you can't afford to buy any of the crap replacements they are offering in your area, click on the links above.

Oh, and start looking for one of those doctors who are setting up cash businesses at reasonable prices to get out of the corrupt system.

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