Thursday, May 29, 2014

Apparently it's all about race

Tiger Woods. Great African American golfer. His mother, however, was Asian. President Barack Obama. First African American President. His mother, however, was white. George Zimmerman. White racist. His mother, however, was Peruvian/black and Zimmerman self identifies as Hispanic. The New York Times coined the never before heard phrase "white Hispanic" to describe him in their media accounts. Elliot Roger. "Privileged white boy" mass murderer. His mother, however, was Indonesian. The media has a philosophical interest in furthering the racist narrative of America. They want positive role models who are African American, hence the first two examples. They want to show that whites are racist, hence the second two. Maybe it's time we just quit labeling people according to their race altogether. Why can't Tiger Woods be one of the best golfers ever, Barack Obama be a mediocre to poor president, George Zimmerman be some guy who made some bad choices, and Elliot Roger be a nut job whose mental illness resulted in six dead. That, I believe, would truly be a step towards a color blind society.

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