Sunday, June 22, 2014

Are you paying attention?

Well, if you get your news from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS you might not  have heard.  They don't seem to be overly concerned about an intrusive federal government.  So here you go:

The IRS now claims that Lois (you remember her right?  She pleaded the Fifth Amendment rather than testify in front of Congress about using the IRS to target conservative groups ie enemies of the President) Lerner's computer crashed and all her emails were lost.  This was their response to a subpoena by Congress.

So a couple issues about this claim before we move on. 
  • One, federal law requires that all email communication be backed up.  The IRS had a company under contract to back up all their emails but they cancelled the contract after the scandal came to light.
  • Two, the IRS now claims that six other computers of people who Lerner might have emailed regarding this issue have also crashed, losing those emails also
There you go.  You are up to speed.

The IRS targets conservatives in the run-up to a presidential election, the news leaks out after the election, the administration covers  it up, the cover up blows up in their faces, and they illegally destroy the evidence.

Any questions?  Going to claim that this is all a manufactured crisis by the right, like Benghazi, Fast and Furious, "you can keep your health care plan", Solyndra, AP wiretapping, etc?

Nice try.  If this were a Republican President you would be rightfully outraged.  Let's show a little non-partisan outrage folks.

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