Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beyond Hope

OK, I know.  It's an old joke, if you're from British Columbia, but since most of you aren't, maybe you haven't heard it before.  Hope is a town in BC.  There you go.  The only explanation you get.

Did the Lillooet loop today.  It was supposed to be really nice out so took a day off from the shop and rode 440 miles.  The loop goes from Vancouver, up through Whistler and Pemberton to Lillooet on Highway 99, then back down through Hope on Highway 12, then back to Vancouver on either Highway 7 or the Trans-Canada.  A great ride, a little over 400 miles, and the weather was everything promised and more.

Up north of Whistler got this shot:

Chatted briefly with a couple from New York headed for Fairbanks, Alaska on their BMW.   You know the one, tall suspension, metal saddlebags.

Had a really good "Aussie Meat Pie" in Lillooet.  No idea if it actually  has any connection to Australia, but the bus load of Australian tourists didn't have any.  Not one of them.

Ran into Stan from the Red and White at a flea market north of Hope.

Highway 7 sure has changed.  From Mission back to Vancouver I didn't recognize one landmark.  Made life a bit difficult but at least there were signs saying "Vancouver" so it wasn't too bad.

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