Sunday, October 19, 2014

Floor refinishing project update

If you've been following this blog regularly (hi, sis) then you have probably figured out that I am not the "stop everything else and get it done right now" type when it comes to home projects.  In February of 2013 I wrote a post about refinishing the floors in the upstairs of my 105 year old house.  I assume, although I don't remember exactly, that I had been working on that floor for at least four or five months at the time of posting.  It is now October of 2014, which means that I have been hard at work (figuratively) on this project for about two years. 

Last October I posted pictures of the finished back bedroom and since then have been working on the upstairs landing and the office.

In case you have been thinking about taking on a project like this, and in case you are not the "stop everything else and get it done right now type when it comes to home projects", I thought you might want an update, since it's been a year.  You may be wondering how close I am to finishing the landing and office (the master bedroom has some sort of weird glued in press-board tiles so will be getting hardwood flooring instead of refinishing).

I do, as previously reported, have half the office floor done, and I have also sanded and puttied the landing and most of the rest of the office floor. 

Today I took another major step.  I finished repairing the corner floor in the office.

Ta da!

Now all I have to do is finish the puttying, hand sand the 40% of the office that is not already refinished, hand sand the landing, and seal, varnish, sand, varnish, sand, varnish and it will be done.

Except for all the base trim which I decided to leave until all the floors are done.

And the master bedroom.

And the downstairs hall, the stairs, the living room, the front porch which needs all the flooring ripped out and replaced as well as jacking up and reinforcing the foundation by the front door, and the kitchen and upstairs bathrooms which need complete renovations, and the new garage that needs to be built so that I can tear down the eighty year old garage that floods every time it rains.

Good thing I have no plans.

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