Monday, October 6, 2014

Peerby experiment

New service out, lets you contact your neighbors to borrow stuff.  Let's say I have a table saw (I do) but I don't have a chop saw (I don't).  I am replacing flooring in my house (I am) and it would be easier with a chop saw instead of a table saw (it would).  I put out that I need to borrow a chop saw for a few hours and a neighbor who is also on Peerby gets hold of me to let me know that he has a chop saw available.  I don't have to buy a chop saw and I get my job done.

Advantages: Borrow stuff that you need from local people to get jobs done, instead of buying something you will only use once or twice.

Disadvantages: Loaning your stuff to people you don't know very well.

Hmm.  The advantage is less stuff and expense.  I like that.  The disadvantage is that we all know how loaning stuff even to your friends (can anyone say "former friends") can go.  Not sure if I'm thrilled about it but I like the concept of community involved.  We shall see.

They also don't seem to have an Android app, just an Apple one, and I am the only person in my town to be signed up so I guess I won't be loaning (or borrowing) a lot of stuff for now anyway.   We shall see.

Edit: They do have an Android app, they just don't link to it on the website.  An oversight on their part I assume.  Anyway, if you want it, Google Play store has it here.

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