Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The religion of peace strikes again

Alton Nolen gets fired from his job, drives around to the front entrance, goes in and attacks a woman with a knife, kills and beheads here, attacks a second woman with a knife, and is shot by the owner of the company.  A classic case of workplace violence.

NBC reports that it was a "revenge" attack.  The Washington Post reports that it was a "revenge" attack.  CNN laughably reports that "no terrorism links have been found" while in the next paragraph pointing out that Nolen's Facebook page has pictures of Osama bin Laden and beheadings.

Yup.  Nothing to see here.   A Muslim convert beheads a woman, tries to behead another, has pictures of bin Laden, beheadings, and jihadists on his FB page and there is no indication of links to terrorism.

This country is done. Stick a fork in it.  When we can't even acknowledge the religious motivations jihadists, how will we ever muster the will to actually fight for our country.  From Army Major Hassan (workplace violence) to Alton Nolen (recent convert Muslim proselytizer), even shouting Allahu Akhbar like Hassan did doesn't get more than a shrug and an observation that "it's a free country, you can shout anything you want while you shoot or behead infidels, doesn't mean it is religiously motivated".

Oh, and mom says he was a good kid.  Right.  Lots of good kids out beheading people these days.  Just what these crazy kids are doing but they'll grow out of it.  Youthful hijinks and all.

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