Sunday, November 30, 2014

A moment of panic

when it started snowing heavily while I was in Portland on Saturday.

If you read my previous posts you might know that based on the weather forecasts I rode my Harley to Portland on Wednesday.  Forecast suggested occasional flurries on Saturday followed by clear with high 30s on Sunday.  Why not ride?

Well, the snow came down heavily, got calls from friends at home saying that it was snowing there.  Snow didn't fall for long (at least in Portland), but meanwhile the forecast dropped to below freezing for Saturday night and Sunday, leaving the prospect of frozen roads.  At that point I spent a fair amount of mental energy figuring out options including the possibility of having to take Amtrak home and get my bike back later.

Got up Sunday morning, it was clear and dry but really cold.  High twenties.  Fortunately I recently became the proud owner of a Firstgear heated jacket and glove liners.  Never used them in the cold as I've only had them for the past week so today was the first real test.

Wind deflectors on the engine guard, insulated Danner hiking boots, Firstgear pants, jacket, and gloves, plus the aforementioned heated gear.  Not too bad, actually.  Had to play with the heat controller on occasion to stay just warm enough but not too warm.  Toes got cold in spite of the insulated boots but hands and body stayed comfortable.  Nose was cold inside the helmet but compared to the old days when I didn't have a full face helmet for winter riding, didn't have insulated Firstgear riding gear, and didn't have heated liners I couldn't complain.

Made it home and thought I'd share this picture.

Maybe in the future I won't trust weather forecasters.

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