Saturday, November 29, 2014

Portland Japanese Garden pictures

Trying to find something to do.  Only so much sitting around watching football and movies you can do.  Got out for a bit yesterday with the shopping, but today decided to hit the Japanese gardens.  My buddy wanted to do some photography so off we went.  Partway there it started to hail, piles of snowy looking stuff on the side of the road.  A bit nerve wracking considering that I have to ride the Harley home tomorrow, but we'll try to stay focused.

The gardens are pretty cool.  Lots of little stone streams and waterfalls, stone paths, trees and bushes, grottoes, etc.  Typical Japanese garden.  I wouldn't mind having something like this in my back yard.  Nice and relaxing with the flowing water, etc. 

A few pictures taken with my cell phone camera.

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