Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Appeal Denied! A little freedom in California

If you follow gun law and politics you may know that a federal judge ruled not to long ago that California's concealed carry laws violated the Constitution.  In short, California has what is called a "may issue" law.  If you wish to carry a firearm you apply to the local sheriff and he decides whether he wants to give you a permit.  Generally under a "may issue" system it is up to you to convince the sheriff that you need to carry.  It is not enough that you want to.  Since the system depends on the whim of the sheriff, the reality is that most applications are denied outright.

An alternative system such as that in effect here in Washington is called a "shall issue" system.  Basically the state acknowledges that the people have the right to self defense and anyone who wants a permit, if they can pass a background check, gets one.

The government of California, predictably, appealed the ruling and lost the first round.


NotClauswitz said...

The Sheriff here in El Dorado County is one of the reasons we moved here, he treats CCW as Shall Issue, for which I am very grateful.

heresolong said...

I periodically think about moving back to California. I was there for some years with the military and after. My passions are my Harley and surfing, which would be a lot more fun down there. I just haven't been able to get around the political disaster that CA has become. Up your direction is definitely the saner option of the state, but it's still in California.

NotClauswitz said...

When my wife retired her Kaiser benefits plan from The University include coverage of me - as long as we're in CA. Literally and example of Regulatory Capture.
IMO Hawaii is warmer and more conducive to Surfing, unless you're all the way down by San Diego - but the Island riding opportunities are mostly circular! :-)