Sunday, November 9, 2014

Down goes polygamy

The best part of this article may be the phrase "his gaggle of wives". I love the sound of that although according to Wikepedia a gaggle requires at least five geese.  Maybe the bar is set lower for wives.

But in more serious news, a federal circuit court judge has struck down Utah's polygamy law, although the Utah Attorney General has announced that he will appeal.

Makes perfect sense to me.  If you can live with someone without being married (cohabitation is accepted fact in the western world in spite of some laws still on the books), if you can sleep with someone without being married (Lawrence v Texas "privacy" rights), if you can marry someone of the opposite sex, who is to say that you can't "marry" more than one person, so long as you are not committing fraud (bigamy).

Libertarians, rejoice.  Maybe we are a step closer to the government getting out of the business of regulating marriage altogether, since it really isn't their business anyway.

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