Thursday, December 25, 2014

Old houses and restoration

I like old houses.  I own and live in a 1909 Victorian style farmhouse that I am slowly fixing up.  Every time I see an old house somewhere I wonder what it would be like to live in and I wonder if it is already fixed up.  Top of the 2nd Street hill in Chula Vista, this one just doesn't fit in with everything else around.

That makes me think that it must pre-date the rest of the  area but I know nothing about it other than the brief glimpse I got from outside the gate.  It appears to be undergoing a renovation as there is a dumpster (skip for my English readers) off the left of the picture, but it has immense amounts of potential from what I can see.  It is perched on the top of a hill and probably had a beautiful view when it was built.  At this point the view from the tower will be the intersection of I-805 and Hwy 54, much less interesting, but maybe on a clear day the mountains to the east will provide some visual interest.  To the west, housing developments block any view it might have had of the ocean.  It also has an RV (visible to the right) which might be where the owners are living while they renovate, and behind the RV a metal shop building. 

If I lived here I'd knock on the door and talk to the owners but since I don't, I'll just imagine how nice it might be.


Ann RoQ said...

It's so funny. I do the same thing. I love seeing old houses. I used to live in an early 1000's house a while ago. I always wonder too what it would be like to live in one, who lived there before, what it was like in the area when it was first built. I would love to go back to those times.

Ann RoQ said...

LOL make that early 1900's.

heresolong said...

I was envisioning how NOT cool it would be to live in an early 1000's house when I saw your second comment.