Wednesday, December 24, 2014

USS Midway (CV-41)

Needed something to do today as I was on a surf break.  Yesterday was fun but stretched some muscles I haven't used in a couple months or three so figured I'd let them rest and hit the waves again tomorrow.  Did a little digging on the What to do in San Diego websites and stumbled across the USS Midway.
Commissioned in 1945 and served on active duty until 1994, all in all a pretty impressive museum.  They have static displays of planes ranging from the Corsair to the F-18 and everything in between, plus you can tour the living spaces, operations and engineering spaces, hanger and flight deck, tower, etcetera.

One thing that struck me was the smell.  I have read that the sense of smell is the one most connected to memories and the Midway smelled just like I remember the Abraham Lincoln smelling.  Paint, diesel fumes, oil, metal.  It was an interesting tour and I wish I'd had a chance to finish it up but I had found a coin operated parking space right across the street (hey San Diegans, if you are reading this, the signage for people visiting the Midway is a pain, I couldn't figure out where to park and just happened to stumble across the metered space as I drove by) so I had to take off without touring the tower.  Not the end of the world since I spent four years seeing all the stuff I saw today but still...

Three thousand more words:

And a final note.  I wish I'd take more pictures.  I have a weird aversion to looking like a tourist, even though I clearly am, so I tend to not take enough pictures.  Time comes I only have three that I like when I could have had so much more.

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