Friday, January 9, 2015

When DO we finally get to blame Islam?

Yet another group of Muslim terrorists killing people they disagree with, this time in France.

Yet again the mainstream media falls over themselves to avoid saying the "m" word or the "i" word.  Host on MSNBC even goes so far as to claim that the problem is religious extremists in general, not muslims.  His evidence?  Well, 35 years ago Jerry Falwell sued Hustler and Larry Flynt for defamation.

That's right.  Muslim's kill thousands of people each year over religious disagreements, some by sawing their heads off with a rusty knife, some by blowing them up with bombs, some by shooting them with automatic rifles and rocket launchers; meanwhile Jerry Falwell sues someone thirty five years ago for defamation and the problem is religious extremists, not Islam.

Notice the female host at the end piling on by claiming that we only talk about Islam because "it is much more incendiary and much more controversial to talk about".  Not because they murder thousands of people but because it is more controversial to talk about.  How about a list of the people that Christians and Jews have killed because they blasphemed Jesus or Jaweh over the past hundred years or so (hell, how about the last thousand years)?  Did you know that over the course of the Inquisition (both medieval and Spanish) about 6,000 people were killed?  The inquisition lasted for 500 years by the way, so that's about twelve people a year.  And it only applied to Christians, so if you were a Muslim or a Jew you had nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, in a game reminiscent of Where's Waldo, try to find the words Muslim or Islam anywhere in this ABC News story.

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