Monday, February 9, 2015

Why are we responsible for the Crusades?

Every some Muslim blows up someone, or cuts off their heads, or sets them on fire we hear the same old BS from the left.  Point 1: It's not really Islam, it's just a few crazy people.  Point 2: Who are you to judge because... crusades, Inquisition.  The problem is religion.

President Obama was the latest in his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.  (Why does he even get invited?).

Ace had an interesting point on his latest podcast (check it out over at Ace of Spades HQ).  Why do they get a pass for stuff that they are doing right now and we are  held accountable for stuff that was done a thousand years ago?

Seriously.  I didn't ride to Jerusalem and kill any infidel.  I didn't even give any money to anyone who did.  Also on the list of things I didn't do is support either the Medieval or Spanish Inquisitions.  Yet I can't comment unfavorably when Islamists cut the heads off of journalists, kill hundreds if not thousands of children in Nigeria, or burn captured pilots alive because a thousand years ago well, we started it.

For an alternative view of the history that you haven't been taught, I suggest you read this article:

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Cecil Henry said...

Because there’s a program of White geNOcide.

They say it’s “anti-racist” but it’s simply anti-White.

Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White.