Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Composting corks...or not

I have a lot of wine corks.  Kept them around because it seemed like they might come in handy since I'd heard you could use them in your garden as compost or mulch.

So finally decided to do something with them.  Jumped on the interweb and found out that you can chop them up with a knife (slow and tedious) or put them in your blender (fast and efficient).  Well, that's a no brainer.

Into the blender they go, just a few of them.

Wait, what?  Why are cork fragments flying all over my kitchen?

Where the heck did that giant hole come from? 

Stupid corks smashed a big hole in the side of my blender.

So much for that plan.


NotClauswitz said...

Fortunately blenders are cheap and available at thrift-stores, unless you go whole-hog and get a Vitamix - but then it might not break easily either.

heresolong said...

Actually, since this blender works perfectly (other than the big hole in the jar)I ordered a replacement jar for about $10. Still won't be able to blend corks, but this one has been blending drinks for me since 1984, not a bad record.

KurtP said...

Since you have a new jar, just duct tape the old one and have at it with the corks.

KurtP said...
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heresolong said...

Not a terrible idea, Kurt, but I think that the problem might have been the clearance between the blade and the jar side. Small enough that the first cork to jam itself in there blew out the sidewall. I could probably cut the corks into smaller pieces and then run them through like you suggested, or I could just use my food processor instead and see what happens.

NotClauswitz said...

We burnt-out a two blenders like that making Indian curry, turns out coconut is harder than corks!
In the end we did get a Vitamix because: Diet! It seriously obliterates even the seeds of raspberries that get stuck in my teeth and cause my wife to say "Stop DOING that!"