Saturday, May 23, 2015

Four day weekend gardening project

That's pronounced "pro-ject" by the way, not "prahject".  Just because.

Four day weekend, late spring tending towards summer, time to finally do something with my garden so that it can all die when I go on vacation in July.

First, dig all the weeds out of the raised bed in back and plant a bunch of stuff to complement the stuff that didn't die from last year.

Then fill a couple hanging baskets which have been hanging in the apple tree looking pathetic since two springs ago with a random assortment of flowers chosen not for their affinity for hanging baskets or for their complementary colors and hues, but because they said "partial shade" on the tag and because I liked the colors.

And finally add a planter to the front steps (it might even qualify as a stoop) to begin replacing the ten year (or more) old wooden ones that are slowly crumbling to dust and depositing big piles of dirt all around themselves.

Now it feels a bit like spring.

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