Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cliff dwellers, Motorcycle Diaries Part 3, Addendum, 2015

Mesa Verde.  You know that picture that you've seen all your life of a cliff dwelling?  It's black and white, it dates back to the eighteen hundreds, and it is the quintessential southwestern Native American shot.

Yeah, that one.  It is just as incredible in real life as it is in those 150 year old pictures.

Today we visited Mesa Verde National Park.  Started with a two and a half mile hike to see some petroglyphs.  Incredible hike, tiny little trail winding along the side of a canyon with occasional flights of steps built of sandstone.  At 7,000 feet you run out of breath sooner than you thought you might.  Incredible scenery, however.  Sample?  OK:

Tomorrow we are going to ride the Telluride, Silverton, Durango highway, then Friday do some more hiking over in Canyonlands.  I have to do more hiking.  I haven't done any in years and it was a blast.  Thought I'd be more out of shape but other than the altitude it was OK.  I guess martial arts, running, and surfing is a good routine.

Stand by for updates.

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