Sunday, July 26, 2015

Instant (?) Pain Relief

I get cold sores.  Usually when I am out in the sun or wind for a while.  Like when I go on a motorcycle trip.  Stress doesn't help. What often helps is Lysine.  Natural supplement that I start slapping on the second I feel a hot spot on my mouth.

This time, nothing helped.  I have had this one for almost seven days.  It starts to heal when I am not riding and then the wind and sun stop it from healing the next day.  I rode the last two days with a bandanna tied over my mouth and it didn't hurt as much while I was riding, but it didn't heal either.

So today I went to the pharmacy and bought Campho-Phenique.  As you can see from the tube it offers to "instantly relieve pain".  I even circled that part in red for you, just in case you thought I was making this up.

It took every bit of willpower that I had not to scream out loud in the parking lot of the pharmacy when I dabbed it on my cold sore.  To be fair, eight or ten seconds later it had relieved my pain quite nicely.  I, however, do not consider eight to ten seconds to be any sort of definition of the word "instant" in this type of context.  Maybe a credit card company who offers to instantly refund some charge, or Instant Rice, that takes a few minutes to cook. 

Causing great pain for eight to ten seconds prior to relief, however?  Absolutely not.


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alex amarxon said...

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