Saturday, August 1, 2015

Windows 10 update (plus small issue)

Small issue, just finished upgrading to Windows 10 and most things seem to work fine.  One trick I found on the internet, Windows key - X will pull up a list of the old Control Panel items that come in useful for troubleshooting or customizing.

However, my card reader no longer works.  I updated the driver software through Windows, restarted, nothing.  I downloaded even more updated software from Realtek, restarted, nothing.  I uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing.  I can not get pictures from my camera.  Which means that I am sitting on The Motorcycle Diaries 2015, Part 4 because I can't retrieve cool pictures.

If anyone has any thoughts...

However, other than this little issue, Windows 10 seems fine.  Supposedly it is smaller and faster so things should run more efficiently.  No problems so far but I'll keep you updated if anything else pops up.

Update: Reinstalled the driver from the Sony Vaio website rather than the driver from Realtek and now it works fine. 

Computer does seem to be running hot, though.

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