Friday, August 7, 2015

Surf shopping

My Vercelli board, a high performance longboard, is at home.  It is thin and narrow and very unstable.  I don't do well surfing on it.

My Popular Mechanics kit board from the early sixties is here in SoCal.  It is thicker than the Vercelli, slightly longer than the Vercelli, and about the same width.  It is more stable but still tough to get up on due to the width.  I've been out on it the last three days and it was OK but not great.

Today got up and started shopping.  Found a few nice options, including a Carl Ekstrom in very nice shape but it didn't have any provision for a leash and I am not that comfortable yet.  I know I am going to wipe out and I don't want to have to be that guy whose board runs over a bunch of surfers downwave because I don't control it properly.

Instead I found a nice Harbour 50th anniversary model, built in 2008 and in almost perfect condition.  Ten foot, nice width, good volume, a true longboard with good rocker.  Looking forward to taking it out tomorrow morning.

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NotClauswitz said...

That looks nice!! Haven't been surfing since I haven't been to any beaches in a while, not the usual trip to Maui either...