Thursday, January 21, 2016

I am become death, destroyer of squirrels


I have no real issue with squirrels.  They run around in my apple tree, they are a part of the landscape, just like every other animal and bird that frequents my back yard,

However, they (he?) has become such a nuisance that I feel the need to perhaps end him.

I have tried to accommodate.  He figured out how to get at the bird feeders and would empty them onto the ground while digging through to get the stuff he wanted.  I read on line that providing squirrel food would help so I bought a squirrel feeder.  He eats that AND empties the bird feeder onto the ground.  I added another bird feeder higher up in the apple tree and he chewed holes in the lid.  I don't want feeders on poles, I want them hanging in my apple tree right outside my kitchen window so I am limited in the "squirrel proof" feeders that I could install.

Apparently, however, just emptying the feeders and eating what he wants is not good enough for this squirrel.

This particular squirrel has figured out that if he chews through the cord holding the feeder it will fall to the ground and he can dine at his leisure.  I have fixed the cord twice and here is the third iteration.

I think he must die.  I hate to do it but I have a pellet rifle and I have the will.  I don't know when because I don't often see him and I must get outside and have a clear shot without endangering the neighbours, but I sense that his end is near. 


HA HA HA said...

This looks like the same design we have:

Four years now, and the filthy little rats can't get into it. I've seen them try everything. Ours is on a steel shepherds crook mount clamped to a deck railing.

heresolong said...

That is great. I will be ordering this immediately. By the way, after a little research, the brand is Brome and they make several sizes. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I don't have to kill him after all.