Sunday, January 24, 2016

Donald Trump is NOT conservative

I don't understand the fascination with Donald Trump.  He is not a conservative.  He has very few conservative beliefs that I can find.  If you are on the fence, or if you are currently supporting him, you may wish to watch this video.  Donald Trump in his own words.  These are not edited to ascribe beliefs, they are his stated opinions.


Cecil Henry said...

Yea, But that is not the issue. There are NO conservatives in the GOP RINO party.

Trump is the ONLY one to address the Immigration issue head on.

He is the opposite of everyone else--- and it wouldn't be mentioned by the controlled MSM without him.

So no, Trump is the only alternative. We need better, we need more, BUT he is a start.

He is AWAY from the other parasites. People have NO unicorn illusions about Trump or any politician.

heresolong said...

So we maybe get an immigration fix (although just a few years ago he said that we couldn't deport all those people and he hasn't actually proposed anything specific), but we also get a semi auto rifle ban, partial birth abortion, eminent domain abuses, higher taxes, single payer health care, and every other Progressive liberal idea that he has supported over the past dozen years. Doesn't sound like a great trade to me. If you have some evidence of Trump addressing the immigration issue "head on" other than suggesting that we ban Muslims, I'd be interested in seeing it.


Marco Rubio was the Tea Party darling not too many years ago. He squished on immigration since then.

Ted Cruz is a solid conservative on almost every issue.

Jeb Bush was a very conservative governor of Florida, regardless of his positions on immigration and Common Core, strong on taxes, spending, gun control, etc.

Trump isn't a start towards anything other than more Progressive policies, the last thing we need.

heresolong said...

Oh, did I forget to mention TARP and the auto bailout? A trillion dollars worth of taxpayer money, thrown at big corporations and special interests who got themselves into a jam and were bailed out by us? He supported both of those.

Thinks Planned Parenthood should get taxpayer funding? Trump.

Thought Romney was too harsh on immigration until he figured out that it would get him votes in this election?

You might want to do a little research on what he really stands for, not "he's not the Establishment", before you go all in for him.

By the way, any idea who Establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell are supporting? One guess.

genericviews said...

Don't care. I fell for that, "vote conservative" too many times before and got nothing to show for it. I got a "Conservative" supreme court justice who declared Obamacare Constitutional. A "Conservative" president who created a whole new branch of the federal government even though there were already several branches doing the same job. I got "conservative" majorities in the House and Senate who won't take a principled stand on anything and fully funds everything Obama wants every time they are asked. If Trump says he will stop immigration and build a wall, that is way more than I have gotten so far from any "conservative" and i trust him to do what he says he will do. For a deal maker like trump, it doesn't matter what he said last time. It only matters what deal he is making today. He is a man who keeps his deals. I am tired of getting stabbed in the back (least vulgar metaphor I could find) by "conservative" republicans.

I would also accept Cruz.

heresolong said...

So let me see if I have this straight?

We haven't had a small government conservative president since 1988 and,

We have elected some small government conservatives to the House and the Senate over the past few cycles but they are outnumbered by the Democrats and the other Republicans and,

We currently have a President who doesn't believe in negotiation or compromise which means that anything the conservatives actually manage to get through the House and Senate is just going to be vetoed anyway and,

The solution is to elect a Populist Democrat who only switched his party affiliation back to Republican in 2012, presumably so he could run for President.

In exchange for electing him we get (maybe) immigration action (although his plan appears to be "deport them all" which isn't really a plan and probably isn't realistic and probably won't be doable, and we also get (maybe)

- assault weapons ban and a president who isn't particularly interested in Second Amendment protection

- liberal judges appointed to the Supreme Court (I get that some conservative judges have been disappointments on some rulings, but they have also upheld the Second and been pretty strong on a lot of other issues)

- higher taxes

- more government (see Eminent Domain, TARP, auto bailout, etc)

I am not interested in trading the immigration issue for yet another expansion in government power.

So why support Trump? Well if the choice is Hillary or Bernie, OK. But right now that isn't the choice we are facing.

Cruz, Rubio, even Bush (god forbid) would be a more reliably conservative President than Donald Trump. They certainly have conservative track records and credentials that far exceed anything Trump has ever done. I would love to see a Cruz presidency with the current Senate and House, I would be comfortable with a Rubio presidency under the same conditions, and I could live with a Bush presidency. Would I get everything I want? Doubtful. But I didn't get everything I wanted under Reagan and he was the best since Coolidge. It is a tradeoff. I won't trade "maybe" on immigration for losses in the advance of smaller and more limited government.

genericviews said...

Oh, and did I mention it is very personally satisfying to defy the Powers that be by electing someone who didn't wait his turn?

I would also cheerfully vote for Cruz. I think he would be a very good president. I am pretty certain that the establishment will never support him if he wins the nomination. Trump doesn't need the establishment support. He proves that every time he opens his mouth.

And, I recognize there is a huge difference between what someone says politically when they have no chance of ever being president and what they say when they are actually seeking the job. Other politicians don't get that excuse since they are always seeking that next job.

I further have more confidence in checks and balances when the guy in the White house is actually a different party than the majorities in the House and Senate. And Trump is a "different party" than both dems and repubs. The best thing about a Trump presidency would be watching he and congress fight over every scrap of power and contest every dollar spent.

NotClauswitz said...

The Gods of Elections are laughing at us. First they gave us a socialist Community Organizer, now they give us a capitalist Community Developer! I'm getting hypnotized by the pendulum.

heresolong said...

Capitalist, NC? Crony capitalism at best, robber baron at worst. This is not capitalism, using the power of government to advantage yourself at the expense of others.