Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ants are actually quite fun to watch

OK, I still don't want them in my house.  Wait, what?  There are ants in my house?  I guess I should start at the beginning.

There are ants in my house.  Those little tiny ones that some people call sugar ants.  They came up through a little gap in the baseboard trim behind the fridge and they found the cat food.  I don't like bugs in the house so I bought Raid Ant Bait.

They are doing a really good job of ignoring it two days later.  I watched.  I moved it right into the middle of their trail.  They wandered around it a lot.  They then adjusted their trail to go around it steadily.  In fifteen or twenty minutes of sitting there watching ants one went inside.  The rest did NOT follow his lead, even after he went and told them about it.  I'm pretty sure that one ant can't carry enough Bait to kill the nest so that isn't going to solve my problem.

However, they are actually quite fun to watch.  They wander a bit but every time they meet another ant they stop to chat.  Every time.  Sort of cool which is why I watched for fifteen or twenty minutes when I meant to set out the bait and go do something productive.

Like type about watching ants on the interwebz.

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Jerry smith said...

Ah ha great observation Calvin