Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bread goes in, toast comes out

First of all, my utmost thanks to Jitterbuzz.  Why do I need to thank him?  Well, I was at a flea market today and I picked up a Toast-o-lator for $10.  "What is a Toast-o-lator?" you might ask.  Good question.  I didn't know either.  All I knew is that it was a toaster, it had a big slot at either end, a  switch for turning it on or off, a lever for adjusting it, and no indication of how the bread went in or the toast came out.  It was, however, really cool, old looking, and, as mentioned before, only $10.  I bought it.

Enter Jitterbuzz.  He (or she, I don't honestly know) has a web page devoted to the Toast-o-lator toaster.  Apparently, bread goes in and toast comes out through the undulations of a serrated bar that drags the bread in, drags the toast out, and drags the whatever-you-call-bread-that-has-started-to-toast-but-isn't-actually-toasted-enough-to-call-it-toast through the center portion.  Here's their advert (also from the Jitterbuzz site):

And here's mine (from my kitchen counter, not Jitterbuzz):

I don't know if it works.  It needs a lot of cleaning.  It is my intention to clean it and, if humanly possible, fix it if it doesn't work.  This should go nicely with my waffle irons.  If that sentence doesn't make sense to  you, search for "waffle" in the search bar at the top of my blog.


Jerry smith said...

Awesome man keep going

NotClauswitz said...

That's cool! They should have made one for hot-dogs too! :-)