Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rooting a Nook for Android

Thought it might be nice to be able to use the Kindle app on my Nook with fewer and fewer books being released on Barnes and Noble (Amazon has a really great self publishing program).  Did some research and discovered that you could use Touchnooter, which would allow you to boot either the original Nook OS or an Android OS.  Easy instructions found here.

Except when they aren't.  I followed the instructions and the Nook wouldn't start up at all.  Froze on the startup screen.  So I did a bit of digging and found these instructions to restore to the original OS.  That was easy although it took a lot of waiting and restarting.  Now it's back.

Except where it isn't.  I don't have my Shelves anymore since I had to reset everything.  If you aren't familiar with the Nook system, the one terrible feature is the organization of your books.  You create a shelf, then you scroll through every book on your Nook, selecting the ones you want to add.  Fine if keep twenty or thirty books for reading and then archive or delete them when you are done, not so fine if you have 1070 books and want them to be organized.  There were complaints galore when they created the system but they ignored the complaints and never did release a new version of the OS.  Shortly thereafter they released the Color Nook and the classic Soft Touch was forgotten.

Now I have to decide.  Option 1, try to root it again and maybe it works, and maybe I like it.  Option 2, rebuild the shelves.  Option 3, buy a tablet.  During my explorations I have read that Option 3 is not a great option, that reading on a tablet isn't nearly as easy on the eyes as eInk, although it would appear that there are some new e-reader tablets available so that might be an option.

Well, either way, I have my Nook back so no harm, no foul.  I'll let you know if I decide to try the root process again and how it comes out.

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