Sunday, April 24, 2016

Too early?

To refer to him as "the artist formerly known as Prince"?

Hey, I wasn't a fan in the sense of "waiting in line to buy his next album", or even in the sense of "has any of his music", but I did grow up during his heyday and he had some good stuff.  The man was definitely talented, even if it wasn't really a style that I liked much.  Of what I remember, the ones I enjoyed would have to have been When Doves Cry, Purple Reign, and Raspberry Beret.  There were probably others although they all got overplayed so much (Top 40 radio hasn't changed) that I eventually (after about two weeks) got sick of them and stopped listening.

I also remember laboriously re-winding a cassette of Darling Nikki while in college, so that we could listen backwards.  It did, in fact, have an old-timey gospel sounding song dubbed in.  So there was that.

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