Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts on Orlando shooting

1) It's not a gun problem, it's a Muslim terrorism problem.  There was an Imam who recently visited a mosque in Florida who preached (while at the mosque) that gays should be killed.  Why was he allowed into the country?  Those idiots at the Westboro church get more hate than does Islam and all they do is hold up signs in protest.

2) It's not a Democrat or Republican problem, it's a Muslim terrorism problem. The shooter was a registered Democrat in Florida.  The Trump campaign was attacked by the media because some jackass punched a protestor.  Setting aside the fact that the vast majority (almost all) of the violence at Trump rallies has been instigated by Democrats, it should not reflect on a campaign that someone who commits violence is somehow supportive of that campaign.  That being said, it is the Democrats who are apologetic for Islam, who constantly natter on about Islam being a "religion of peace", and who attempt to cover up the fact that the vast majority of terror attacks are carried out by Muslims.  There is no comparable number of attacks carried out by members of any other religion and there is no evidence of any sort of "backlash" against Muslims, especially any backlash that has resulted in the death of Muslims.

3) Numerous Islamic countries have the death penalty for homosexuals.  And enforce it.  Where is the outrage.

Meanwhile we have our panties in a twist because a gorilla at a zoo had to be shot because a child was in danger (or potentially in danger).  It's a freaking gorilla.  I am sad that it had to be shot, but the child was potentially in danger.  Shoot the damn gorilla and get over it.  That got six solid days of coverage.

Meanwhile the fact that the shooter in Florida was a Muslim who was a registered Democrat will most likely be ignored by most in the mainstream media and this story will virtually disappear from the headlines in short order, except when President Obama and Hillary Clinton are caterwauling about the "gun culture" in the United States and attempting to overturn the Second Amendment by executive fiat.

I am increasingly supportive of Trump's proposal that we restrict Muslim immigration into this country unless those Muslim's have been properly vetted.  Oh, and on top of that, maybe we should actually profile Muslims when they do things that suggest that they are going to commit some sort of terror attack.  Nidal Hassan, Army major, was the subject of multiple complaints, none of which were investigated because he was a protected minority.  The Tsarnaev brothers were the subject of Interpol warnings to the FBI which were ignored because...  The Paris shooters (at least one of them) was checked by Czech (IIRC) immigration and the warning was ignored because...  The San Bernardino shooters had posted allegiance to ISIS on freaking Facebook but ...

Yeah, the ... stands for "they were Muslims" in every single case.

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NotClauswitz said...

I agree it's not a "gun" issue except for a Muslim-with-a-gun. There's over one-hundred million Muslims living in countries where it's perfectly acceptable according to Sharia Law to execute gays, and they do it on a nearly daily basis. I'd say that's mainstream Islam that is the issue, and it has no place in a secular society like ours. Acting-out murderously to inflict casualties on Gays or anybody else is Muslim terrorism in the service of Sharia Law.