Monday, June 6, 2016

How do people make their living doing this?

Until tonight I hadn't posted anything since the beginning of May.  I had a few thoughts that I jotted down, thinking they might make good blog fodder, but I just could never quite get motivated to actually write.  I guess that's why I haven't ever published any books either.

Amusing anecdote.  Listening to Crowder the other day (highly recommend, by the way) and he mentioned the rich folk who hypocritically push for higher taxes then shelter their money in a tax haven like Ireland. 

He mentioned Bono.

I really wanted to contact him to let him know that Bono, rather than being a hypocrite, might have his money in Ireland because, well, he's Irish.

But since I listen to podcasts weeks later it wasn't really timely so I let it go.

Until now.

Painful anecdote.  Bicycled twenty miles on my mountain bike the other day.  Just about killed my knees.  I don't think mountain bikes are really designed for riding twenty miles of street.  Way too short, knees too bent.  Now I have to fix up my street bike.  Which won't be cheap as so much stuff is rusted solid: spokes, cables included.

Ongoing project anecdote.  Spent a bit of time on the Fatboy rebuild.  Thinking that it might be nice to get it done prior to the four year anniversary of the event.  Either the front exhaust pipe is bent or the front right floorboard (what I like to call the "passenger" side and then people look at me funny) is bent.  I have no way to tell which unless I can find someone with an old Fatboy to set side by side with mine.  Hmmm.  If only I knew someone with a Harley shop.

Expensive anecdote.  Thought about buying an old Norton Commando.  Just seems like it would be cool.  Probably would be more cool if I lived somewhere where I could ride it all year round and lived in town so I could run errands on it instead of having to get on the stupid freeway and ride twenty minutes to do all my "quick" errands.  Maybe somewhere like Santa Barbara.  Maybe I could pretend to be a psychic and open up a detective agency.  No, that would be stupid.  I just want an old Commando.  Instead I guess I'll try to get my other two bikes running and just have too many bikes that way.


NotClauswitz said...

Good luck with the Fatboy, and finding another Fatboy rider to compare...which reminds me that all my riding buddies are elsewhere, so instead I'm watching the Isle of Man on the TiVo while the R1100R sits in the garage and the grass grows thicker. A guy I knew in College had a Norton Commando, what a chick-magnet that was.

heresolong said...

NC, Shouldn't be a problem finding another Fatboy. The "someone with a Harley shop" is actually a reference to me. Who has a Harley shop (not endorsed by Harley, I just work on them). I actually have an old Heritage that came into the shop yesterday so I will be doing some side by side comparison while it is apart. For science, you know.

[Harley is a registered trademark of Harley Davidson Motor Company and I am not intending to represent my self as affiliated in any way with Harley Davidson Motor Company]

NotClauswitz said...

At least you have a shop! I haven't fiddled in my garage with the BMW (or even the KTM lately). The KTM needs a fresh transmission fluid (type-F ATF) and the BMW is more like a car than a bike except for the two wheel'd thing. And I need to put a fresh can on the stinkwheel, the old one is loaded up and doesn't silence anymore.