Saturday, January 13, 2018

Youtubing your podcast

For the record, I hate it.

I listen to podcasts while running.  I listen to podcasts while driving.  Sometimes I listen to podcasts while lifting weights or working out at the gym.

What I don't do (and what I don't want to do) is sit in front of my computer staring at the screen to watch the podcaster talk to me for an hour.

To add insult to injury, some of those who podcast on youtube don't actually video record themselves talking, they just post the audio with some splashscreen for the visual.  What is the point?  Other than to use youtube to get their stuff out there?

Meanwhile youtube does all it can to prevent people from ripping the audio from their website.  They have shut down sites who created workarounds.  Right now peggo still works but I wonder for how long.  Youtube is apparently convinced that everyone wants to stare at a computer while listening.  They even have it set up so that if you start a youtube video in the app it will stop playing if you open another app on top of it or if your phone times out the screen.

I have emailed several who I enjoy listening to and asked them to start posting audio only version on an RSS feed, but so far not one has bothered.

The other day I was listening to a podcast and the host mentioned that he was thinking about switching to youtube because some of his listeners had asked him to.

If you are reading this, please be aware that some of us want less video, not more.

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