Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bob Ferguson, WA AG or Progressive Activist at taxpayer expense

The correct answer is both.

Here's his latest email:
At least six Motel 6 locations in Washington state methodically handed over thousands of guests’ personal information to ICE agents without requiring a warrant, leading to the detention of individuals in Washington state. I intend to find out who at Motel 6 knew about these practices, and I intend to hold Motel 6 accountable.
 Lawsuit?  Last I checked Motel 6 was a private business and has no legal obligation to keep your information private when you check in.  If they want to give your information to the federal government they are legally free to do so.  Illegal aliens should feel free to not stay at Motel 6 when they travel.  I have an idea.  Maybe they should stay at hotels in their own country or get a visa to travel here. Then there wouldn't be an issue.

Just another waste of the taxpayer dollar, along with the multitude of lawsuits, mostly frivolous, that Ferguson has filed against the Trump Administration.

The sooner we can get this jackass out of office the better.

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