Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Running in the rain

I am writing this because it is raining outside and I don't want to go for a run.  I will, of course, but any delay, no matter how small ...

Did a quick search for running in the rain because a) I live where it rains.  A lot.  and b) As mentioned above, I am stalling.

I am about to violate every single suggestion that running websites make for running in the rain.

1) Don't wear a rain jacket.  Well, since I almost always wear a rain jacket when I run, I probably will wear it now that it's raining.

2) Don't wear cotton.  Unfortunately my sweatshirt that I run in is made of cotton and since it is cold outside ...

3) Don't wear cotton socks, wear wool.  Don't have any lightweight wool socks so I guess I'll wear the cotton ones that I always wear.

4) Wear shoes designed for running in the rain.  I have two pairs of runners and they are identical.  Are they good for running in the rain?  No idea but they are what I have.

I was going to insert a picture here showing someone running in the rain, but a quick internet search provided thousands of pictures of women running in the rain (not representative of me) and a few of ridiculously fit people running without shirts which means that it obviously isn't winter in the Pacific NW where they are running.  (Plus I'm not ridiculously fit, I'm a middle aged, slightly overweight type working to stay reasonably fit and healthy)

Enough stalling.  Here I go.

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NotClauswitz said...

We got Hoka walking shoes at my wife's suggestion, at a running-shoe store.
I'm of the opinion that running is only for when you are chasing or being chased...but the dog sometimes asks (pulls) me to run a bit. It's hard on my back, and hard when 90% of the time I'm wearing hiking boots.