Friday, February 14, 2020

Rodents ate my dishwasher!!! (Updated)

Not the whole thing, of course.  Ran a load of dishes Wednesday night, didn't get around to unloading them til this morning, and they weren't clean.  What?  They weren't even really that wet.

Started playing around, couldn't see anything wrong, but as I lay on the floor looking under the dishwasher I reached up and pushed the "Start" button, only to see water pour onto the floor.

Called an appliance repair shop but while I was waiting decided to drag the dishwasher out and take a look underneath.

Gahh!  The clue was the mouse poop and the old chicken bones in the cavity where the dishwasher goes.

An hour of research and phoning around and I ordered the part online from .  Parts should be here by Monday and cost me $75 (I also ordered a new check valve since the rubber hose on that (barely visible in the bottom right corner of the picture) was looking a little sketchy.

The bad news is that I tweaked my back a little getting the damn thing out (it barely fits in the opening and only because there is no tile in the space, so it has to be lifted just a little as  you pull it out) so that hurts.  The other bad news is that there is a dishwasher in the middle of my kitchen floor til Monday.

Could have been worse.  A fan is drying the floor and new containers of mouse poison have been obtained from the local hardware store.  $75 an a couple hours of my time is a lot cheaper than a new dishwasher.

UPDATE: Parts arrived Sunday instead of Monday, took me about a half hour to get everything installed and the dishwasher back under the counter.  Ran a full cleaning cycle with no leakage and I am now back in the dish cleaning business (figuratively speaking).  Hooray.

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