Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Telling the truth

From The Catallaxy Files:

I say it would be a good thing if voters – yes, voters; it sounds almost antiquated, doesn’t it? – were told the truth. The truth is coronavirus cannot be “eliminated,” lockdowns do not work but only postpone a resurgence of “cases” (very few of which will be fatal) and democratic society as we know it cannot continue if the state – qua yo-yo master – imprisons entire populations to save fewer lives than are lost in a single weekend on our roads. At some point – sooner would be better – exterminating liberty, wealth and the rule of law because of a prideful desire to snatch victory from the jaws of idiocy will be called off. “Some day this war’s gonna end,” Colonel Kilgore sadly tells Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now. The Kilgores are still running the campaign, though whether they actually believe in the hopeless cause or just love the smell of relevance in the morning is impossible to tell. Either way, my point is this: there is no better time than now to weaken the authority of the state by exposing reactionary fallibility dictatorially sandbagged.

Via Dark Brightness 

Really just a repost of what Weka posted over at Dark Brightness but it says as well or better than I could exactly what I've been preaching since sometime in April.

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John Wilder said...

The consequences of Coronachan politics may end the United States. I was going to add to that sentence, but, what's to add?