Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Am Weak

Over the years you may have tuned into this blog in eager anticipation of the next tidbit on antique waffle irons.  You may have followed my serial posts on the acquisition and restoration of old waffle irons.  Or you may have stumbled on this post by accident and are wondering what this crazy person is raving about.  Stop right not and read the two previous posts.  If you love waffles.  AIKYD.  Everyone does.

So yesterday I stop by an estate sale.  Older gentleman headed for a home from what I overheard.  There it is.  The fifth waffle iron that I don't need.  Seriously, I have four, I am single, and even if I wasn't, what kind of person needs five waffle irons.

Oh.  That would be me.  After all, it is a really clean Dominion, made in the late thirties or so.  Apparently it became a fad for a few years to have two small irons to make dessert sized or smaller appetite sized waffles, until the customers found out that it took longer to clean up and just wasn't worth effort.  Well, if you have a waffle iron collection, this is the coolest addition and will come out when the nieces and nephews are over for waffles.  Just right. 

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