Monday, September 5, 2016

Hiking. Finally

Been saying I was going to get back into this for a long time, but other than Colorado last year it hasn't happened.  Til yesterday.  Horseshoe Bend, up towards Mt Baker.  Recommended by a friend.

I felt a bit overpacked but this is my usual day hike load.  Sweatshirt, hat, knife, paracord, emergency blanket, sunscreen, flashlight, matches, windbreaker/rain jacket, journal, pen, 1911 magazine, beef jerky, almonds, energy bar, shake.  The pack holds 2.5l water in addition to all this stuff.  To many stories about people who went out completely unprepared for a "day hike" and died because they weren't ready to spend the night when something went wrong.

Turns out that if you go until the trail just peters out it's about four miles there and back.  Not super challenging but some good climbs as the trail climbs up and down next to the river.  Nice hike.  Looking forward to the next one.  Sooner.

Not sure that I have the hang of the selfie thing yet, but they are definitely getting better.

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